Sneaky Peeky time!

Source: SoundCloud / AmYx

Sneaky Peeky time!

Source: SoundCloud / AmYx

Because Music

That’s why.


"Why is Jenna in Chicago?"

- Naji

I never think this way unless I’m tired.


"If polygamy was legal, you’d be my second choice."

- Naji Adamson


There’s almost nothing they can’t do

It’s in my title!

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I hate writing. It’s like my mind is all “here, child; explore your every fantasy through prose” while my body is like “I’ll give you $5 to stop talking and eat some cereal.”



Don’t make friends with an artist just so you can use them a a trophy.

Don’t make friends with an artist just to brag that you know them.

Don’t make friends with an artist just so they draw/write/sew stuff/make photos for you.

Don’t make friends with an artist just so you can use them.

Ah, the struggle.

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Random Universe Glossary Knowledge Gained From Reading Comics For An Hour:

Omniverse: All possible and theoretical universes combined together

Multiverse: A collective of more than one universe, indiscriminate of parallel or alternate status.

Universe: An entity containing matter and energy; think tree base, if you will

Alternate Universe: a derivative of any given universe, created by interaction. In other words, any event that occurs presents an outcome. This outcome is infinitely variable, and thus, presents infinite possibilities.
If possibility is the progenitor of a universe, this means that interaction with anything create a new universe. These new universes are simply branches stemming from an original interaction; A bifurcation of the the original tree, but modified in its existential being; commonly referred to as an alternate reality.

Parallel Universe: a wholly separate universe adjacent to another. It is naturally disassociative of its parallel counterpart, but can be connected by a larger organizing unit. (See Multiverse)

Dimension: a potential geometric direction or effect; Humans interact with only 4 dimensions: the geometric x,y,z axes, and our 4th dimension of time. We, as universal observers, can theoretically perceive any dimension and knowingly interact with them. The only thing stopping us is our limited knowledge of other dimensions, which disables us from detecting or observing them. We’re constantly affected by the other dimensions, but the effects of such go unnoticed. This means “alternate dimensions” can exist inside the same spacetime and universe.

TL;DR? Comics hold the secrets to life.

I think I use my spare time efficiently.